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20 million dollars’ worth of promise to the Prime Minister Erdogan

Bozdag, the co-partner of Kozmopolitan Gıda whowas handed the most successful global entrepreneur of Turkey award by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan in 2012, said: “We promised to increase exportation, and we will keep it.”


Kozmopolitan Gıda which was founded by 3 Aegean entrepreneurs 3 years ago has managed to keep up with the Italian olive oil giants in the US market thanks to the exportation pattern created by the brilliant Turkish ingenuity. Sinan Bozdag, the co-partner of Kozmopolitan Gıda who won the most successful global entrepreneur of Turkey award from the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2012, said “We made Palermo, the historical city of Sicily, and ‘Casa Di Oliva’, which means ‘house of olive’ in Italian, becomes a brand. We competed with the Italian giants in America using an Italian brand”. Bozdag, who also affirmed that they made a promise to the Prime Minister Erdogan to increase exportation in the award ceremony of the 2012 KOBI (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by KOSGEB (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development Organization) where they received the “Born Global Entrepreneur” award, declared “We’re starting to work with the Far East as well as the North American market. Next year we will reach 20 million dollars’ worth of exportation to 30 countries.”

The American tactic

Sinan Bozdag who graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the METU affirmed that they founded the company with Hakan Ozdolgun who graduated from the Department of International Relations of Bogazici University with whom he has worked in the olive oil industry, and Aytur Aksu who lives in the United States. Bozdag who emphasized that many Turkish food companies have tried to get a foothold in the United States to no avail explained: “We have applied a different pattern. First, we established a sales company in the United States. We both advertised and made sales for 6 months. Afterwards we have established our own company in Turkey. We started off with olive oil which is what we’re best at. We also added balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and salad dressings to our range of products. We worked with different brokers in each state. We established small companies which sell only our products. We only sold our brands Casa di Oliva and Palermo. We got some products done outside the company. We transferred the export manager of the second biggest olive oil company in the United States. We acted just like an American company would. We increased the number of our products to 80 in a short period of time. Thus we have managed to enter many chain stores and sales networks in the United States.”

“The Godfather Model”

Bozdag who emphasized the importance of the advertisement, qualified staff, domestic fairs and documentation support they received from KOSGEB Directorate of Izmir NorthService Center, declared that he promised the Prime Minister RecepTayyipErdoğan to be more successful in the award ceremony in Ankara last week. He affirmed “Our prime minister has congratulated us. He said ‘This is a very significant reward. I wish you continued success. Keep being successful’ to me. These words have loaded a responsibility on our shoulders. Now we have a promise to our prime minister. We have started to export our products to Indonesia, Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and Malaysia as well as the United States. We are selling products to 15 countries this year. Next year we’ll be exporting to 30 countries. We will reach 20 million dollars’ worth of exportation with ease in 2013.”

Ozdolgun who said “If you do it right, you grow but you need financial support” stated that the type of support KOSGEB provides and its professional team paves the way to success.

“Everyone should take it as an example”

The Director of the KOSGEB Service Center of North Izmir OğuzKılınç declared that they were honored by the fact that a company they have been supporting has won the “Born Global Entrepreneur” award. Kilinc who mentioned that KOSGEB has been rapidly changing since 2009 said “First of all, the definition of KOBI has changed. The service sector and the tradesmen have been included as well as the production industry. We have realized 7 different support programs. We work like a private sector institution. We have a strong and professional team. When Kozmopolitan Gıda won the award, I was content as if my own child won it. We want everybody to benefit from KOSGEB supports more and efficiently like Kozmopolitan.”